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Water Horse Tours

Come join the only Lake Monster research team that has captured video, echolocation recordings but sonar images of these elusive animals in Lake Champlain. Complimentary lunch, and beverages for the tour will be available.

Not only have we captured the most data on a population of Lake Creatures in the world that has been verified by bioacousticians and sonar experts but our president Katy Elizabeth was honored in 2019 to write a law to protect this unique population of animals which was passed unanimously.


With Captain Katy Elizabeth at the wheel, cruise along Lake Champlain aboard "Kelpie II" in comfort as you take in the gorgeous views of the Adirondack mountains. During our narrated tour, Learn about the intriguing history that has taken place in Champlain's waters as well as where the Champ sightings have occurred since the Native American's first sighted these creatures. Learn how we use cutting edge equipment during the search. You may perhaps catch a glimpse of these animals on sonar or hear their Echolocation calls on our Hydrophone system!

We are the only company on Lake Champlain that are offering Champ tours and presenting the equipment we use towards the search.


Tours run during July- Sept

2 Hours

$125 Adult

$50 Child

Please email for more info


Lunch and beverages provided :)


Breathtaking views of the Adirondacks as you cruise through the deep blue waters of Champlain.

Our Clients

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